Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Reading 10: BYOD

Bring your own device! It's such a great idea when used effectively. The one argument of "not everyone has access" is becoming a non-issue in many school. I know in my practicum school I used technology that asked students to use their cell phones in class for things like poll everywhere and taking pictures of assignments and things we did on the white board together.

This article outlines some great ways that technology is being used with cell phones in the classroom. I would like to learn some new and exciting things that teachers are doing to integrate BYOD into the classroom. The criticism I have of this article is that it is not brining in any new ideas for me.

I would love to have a class set of ipads or tablets or similar devices and to create notes and activities all set around electronic devices rather than spend so much time photocopying paper and asking students to carry around a 20 pound text book. I'm pretty certain that we are going in that direction and we are using paper less and less for certain purposes (the use of the kindle and e readers rather than real paper back and text books). I am very excited to try in my future classroom to use these BYOD technologies and ideas and I hope that BYOD becomes less controversial and more like normal teaching. I am embracing the idea of students using their phones in class and becoming engaged with the learning by using technology.

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