Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Putting it all together: Using technology in the language classroom

Les Contes de Fées

This is a unit that could be in a grade 10, 11 or 12 FSL classroom. The unit focus is on fairy tales, and the focus questions of the unit is "What are the lessons of our childhood" "Quelles sont les morales de notre enfance?". The final project of the unit is a group project where students will modify or create their own fairy tale, the project consists of a script/ prose of their fairy tale and a presentation of their fairy tale to the class (play, video, audio recording with powerpoint slides, prezi etc.) There are so many places in this unit that technology can play a role but here are a few key things I might try in the classroom.

Giving an example of a final product:
It is always important to show students what they are striving for in terms of the final product of their project. I would show examples of final products that other students had done before. Using youblisher to upload PDFs of students work and I would embed videos from other students past work. We might look at the examples briefly in class but by having them up on the blog the students can go back and look at them more closely to get ideas for their own project. 


Reading and listening to fairy tales:
Rather than have story time in class (which can take a lot of time and isn't always all that interesting) I would pre record my own voice, or the voice of a francophone friend, reading short fairy tales or fables. I could use an online program like soundcloud to record the stories and then I could embed the recording onto a blog that the students have access to and include the words to the fairy tale or fable or a set of questions to answer about the fairy tale in a google form . 

Creating an online forum for the students to communicate with each other. The project would be done in groups of 3-5 and I would show the students how to create a googledoc or a wikipage space where they can talk to each other bounce ideas around and put their rough drafts together

Correcting the work using BonPatron:
I would be sure to show the students how to use BonPatron in order to have them correct their written work before handing it in.

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